Mystic River Watershed Association  Medford, Arlington, Somerville, MA

Mystic River Watershed Association Restoration Planning Project

BSC is providing climate resiliency and ecological restoration planning services to the Mystic River Watershed Association. In this capacity, BSC identified large and small scale upland, wetland, riverbank and in-stream climate-resilient restoration opportunities along a four-mile segment of the Mystic River. Project documents provided watershed-scale mapping that identifies existing ecologically resilient landscape features and will identify potential process-based, climate-resilient ecological restoration projects, as well as smaller-scale riverbank and/or habitat restoration projects. Identified resiliency/restoration projects will be utilized to prioritize ecological functional processes over the next few years including, restoring streambank stability, reducing erosion, creating additional floodplain wetlands that provide flood storage, water quality improvement, pollutant abatement, localized cooling, wildlife habitat, recreational opportunities, and aesthetic value, and invasive species removal.