Aarthy Sabesan Publishes Article on Spatially Designating Endangered and Threatened Species

BSC Group’s GIS analyst, Aarthy Sabesan, co-authored an article published in the Journal of Map & Geography Libraries, a peer-reviewed publication.

Entitled “Spatial Designation of Critical Habitats for Enangered and Threatened Species in the United States,” the article discussed the importance of spatially identifying and designating habitats of endangered and threatened species. As part of their study, Aarthy and her colleagues, Nagendra Singh and Mark Tuttle, reviewed over 1,000 pages of the Federal Register to glean spatial data describing the habitats of EPA-requested 472 species. They then developed spatial datasets of endangered species for the entire United States.

This information will ultimately be used to establish biological reserves or “hot spots” for endangered or threatened species, allowing preservationists and regulators to address critical issues affecting species and their habitats.

The full article is available below.

Sabesan Article