Inclusion Diversity Equity Action

People and Culture

In 2019, BSC Group made an internal commitment to diversity and inclusion and created a formal program. BSC’s IDEA Council (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Action) fosters a listening and learning environment through colleague support networks. In 2023, the People & Culture Team formalized to include Human Resources, Culture Enhancement/Engagement, and IDEA.

In early 2023, BSC’s IDEA Council worked with a consultant, In/Visible Paradigms (IVP), to evaluate our current phase of the DEI journey, support our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) and provide us with “next steps” for implementation in 2023.  As part of IDEA Council’s work with IVP, BSC’s Leadership Team completed a 2-month workshop series with IDEA Council’s Multicultural ERG. The information and insight gained during that workshop helped informed the restructuring and messaging in the latter half of 2023. The goal is to promote an inclusive culture that values diverse individuals and perspectives allowing employees to thrive.

01_IDEA 2024

Of BSC’s 177 Employees, Women Comprise:

Senior or Executive Positions


Board of Directors and Leadership Team, all highly active and visible in their respective fields


People and Culture is charged with creating an environment where employees want to work. Through building a productive and motivated work force, fostering innovation, and realizing the full potential of each of our team members.

Examples of People and Culture concentrations include:

  • Talent Optimization (Right People – Right Role)
  • Developing Workplace Culture (includes focusing on the right and most effective organizational “design” or structure)
  • Recognizing team member achievements
  • Managing change initiatives
  • Engaging team members in decision-making processes
  • Providing training and development opportunities
  • Creating an overall positive environment!

The three “branches” of People and Culture include the classic Human Resources (Alison Hunt and Kim Swanson), Culture Enhancement Teams, and IDEA. 

Culture Teams are charged with Empowerment, Wellness, Social Connection, Personal & Professional Development, Learning & Innovation, and Results. Human Resources is working through a refined job architecture, policy change and development, benefits, incentives, and similar and IDEA is responsible for Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Action for under-represented groups at BSC. They are charged with education and action, advocacy in policy and decision making, recruitment support, and related confidential matters.

Our Culture Teams and their stated missions are as follows:

  • Social and Professional Development: To engage and empower BSC colleagues by cultivating an environment and culture that builds their employee experience, supports their career growth, and connects them with valuable relationships.
  • Community Engagement Team: A strong corporate community that is dedicated to supporting mission-driven programs and organizations through fundraising and volunteer event attendance and participation. The Purpose of the Community Engagement team is to promote BSC IDEA culture through acts of service and charitable giving. Community Engagement aims to expand the scope of the company beyond consultancy, into the communities we serve in a visible and constructive way.
  • Innovation: Their current goal is to serve as a resource for all BSC employees to present, discuss, and implement new ideas. These innovative ideas can be in the forms of new technology, software, workflows, business processes, or anything outside of these boxes! We’re here to listen, and the Innovation ERG is comprised of multi-disciplinary members to provide perspective for a multi-disciplinary BSC.
  • Wellness: To take a holistic approach by focusing on the physical and mental well-being as well as overall happiness for our organization.  We will create a culture of care that puts employees first by addressing and advocating for their wellness needs.

Our IDEA Council Employee Resource Groups are as follows:

  • Multicultural: Our goal is to nurture an inclusive and diverse community by embracing, learning from, and celebrating the rich tapestry of our ethnicities, heritages, and cultures. We are committed to acknowledging and cherishing our differences through thoughtful engagement and meaningful collaborations within and outside BSC Group.
  • Women’s: To cultivate an inclusive environment that encourages, educates, and empowers women throughout the firm, and to promote women and the issues they deal with in the industry.
  • Pride: To create a workplace that serves as a supportive network for all employees, inclusive of all genders, sexual orientations, and expressions. We will strive to establish a community within BSC where members can share their experiences and are encouraged to do so in an environment dedicated to openness with one another, confidentiality, and trust. Joining in positive discussions on inclusivity, awareness, history, current events, intersectionality, and more, we aim to celebrate Pride together.