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BSC is recognized as an established leader in the energy consulting industry. Our expertise guides the development of creative solutions for siting, permitting, and compliance to support utility providers in meeting project goals. Working collaboratively with New England's leading energy providers, we provide a full range of interdisciplinary services, including environmental science and permitting support for siting and licensing programs and ongoing compliance monitoring.

Our team of GIS specialists and land surveyors further enhances our qualifications, working hand-in-hand with BSC's ecological scientists to support our energy clients in making sound decisions that meet permitting requirements and preserve the environment. In-house civil and transportation engineers further contribute to energy projects as needed.

As energy providers consider the impacts of climate change, we have been at the forefront of helping our clients to prepare for frequent, more intense storm events. We have been pleased to support climate change initiatives, ranging from storm hardening to right-of-way protection as the energy industry braces to maintain service during challenging weather conditions. We have also looked to the future of renewable energy, providing services for solar, wind and geothermal energy projects.

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Paul Knapik, Energy Market Sector Leader
An environmental scientist with over 30 years of experience, Paul leads BSC Group's team dedicated to serving the energy market. Critical to his success is his fundamental understanding of the issues affecting the siting, licensing, permitting and maintenance of electric and gas facilities in the northeast. Well versed in a full range of permitting requirements, Paul advises energy clients in the planning and design of new and upgraded transmission facilities to meet the region's increasing power demands.
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