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Our engineers, planners and scientists reflect a cross section of the professionals engaged in the 21st century knowledge-based economy. We have considerable experience in the siting and design of private land development projects, including residential, retail, corporate and mixed-use developments in a variety of settings, from brownfields to greenfields, and historic redevelopments to constrained urban sites. Because seemingly small decisions have lasting impacts, our attention to detail has become a hallmark of our design process.

Our corporate practice ranges from speculative office space, to the corporate campus, to high technology research and development and manufacturing facilities. For retail properties, we plan and design lifestyle centers, big box properties, and mixed-use sites. And our residential portfolio encompasses affordable housing, market rate residential, and supportive housing for elders. Each project type poses its own set of design challenges, and the goals of each client are equally varied.

BSC's capacity to provide in-house expertise in civil engineering, environmental permitting, traffic engineering and landscape architecture allows us to fully support the development team in site selection, site planning and design, regulatory approvals, and final construction oversight. This holistic approach to site design furthers an efficient and economical design process that facilitates project progress.