Engaging the community, sparking creativity, achieving results

BSC’s planners consider project opportunities and challenges to recommend visionary concepts earning widespread support that results in implementation. In guiding projects and communities through a tailored planning process, we spark creative thought and provide the technical foundation for project realization. >> READ MORE

Applying technical excellence to the built environment

Balancing innovation with pragmatism, BSC's civil engineers are distinguished by their ability to advise clients in finding optimal solutions to project challenges. We have been instrumental in helping our clients achieve their goals of successful development for projects in a variety of settings, including major urban areas, small towns, coastal regions and institutional campuses. We work with sites that are often severely constrained, developing cost-effective and technically-advanced solutions that are customized to each situation. >> READ MORE

Creating connections for healthy communities

Integrating traffic and roadway planning and design, BSC Group’s transportation team creates infrastructure solutions to promote connectivity within our communities. Specifically, BSC provides engineering services for roadway, intersection, bicycle facility, and parking facility projects for municipal, state and private sector projects. >> READ MORE

Supporting infrastructure upgrades for safety & preservation

From culverts to complex bridges, BSC Group structural engineers offer insight and expertise in transportation structure inspection, rating, and design. Focusing on safety and function, our team responds to immediate and long-term needs for public infrastructure. Our staff includes senior engineers with practical experience in the design and analysis of structures for highway, rail, public transit, and land development projects. >> READ MORE

Crafting effective regulatory strategies for project success

As strategic partners in the siting, permitting, and design of new projects, BSC Group assists our clients in meeting regulatory requirements associated with their projects. Emphasizing timeliness, cost-efficiency and environmental responsibility, BSC promotes a collaborative approach to project success, partnering with regulators, utility operators, developers, state agencies, and municipalities to facilitate timely project approvals and positive outcomes. >> READ MORE

Applying a scientific perspective to preserve our most valued resources

Reconciling the built environment with the natural environment, BSC's environmental scientists and planners integrate ecological principles into all aspects of a project, from natural habitat assessment and restoration of degraded environments to collaboration on site design and land planning.


Designing today with the future in mind

Resiliency is the capacity for our social, physical, and ecological systems to respond to climatic and man-made challenges so that they endure and thrive over time. BSC Group takes an integrated approach to helping clients prepare for future challenges our communities and infrastructure will face in our changing climate. >> READ MORE


Conceiving outdoor spaces that inspire & appeal

Inspired by nature, informed by the built environment, and sensitive to the cultural context of place, our landscape architects create and implement ideas that appeal, sustain and endure. Balancing artistry with pragmatism, BSC's landscape architects fully recognize the inherent connection between master planning, landscape and site design, engineering, and regulatory processes associated with the transformation of environments. >> READ MORE


Providing the foundation for planning & design

With our company's roots grounded in land surveying and spatial data, BSC Group's survey team remains at the forefront of technology for the provision of efficient and accurate survey data. Importantly, our land surveying services are designed to be integrative and focused on the "big picture." Our professional land surveyors are trained to identify opportunities where data captured during the survey process can be used to enhance overall project design. >> READ MORE


Putting spatial data to work

Rooted in engineering, transportation, infrastructure, and spatial data management, Geonetics’ primary business is enabling our clients to better manage and make decisions using mobile, web, and geographic information system (GIS) technologies. Our team is well known for automating business workflows and data management functions with innovation and a wide variety of creative reporting and visualization technologies, making organizations more efficient and more connected than ever before. >> READ MORE