Climate Resilience

Designing today with the

future in mind

Climate change is challenging our communities, infrastructure, and ecosystems with new extremes that impact our lives and livelihoods. BSC Group takes an integrated approach to helping clients understand their vulnerabilities and opportunities and implement technical and nature-based solutions that not only endure but thrive into the future.

BSC’s diverse team of planners, engineers, landscape architects, and environmental scientists apply current tools and methodologies to provide decision-makers with climate-resilient solutions that are creative, cost-effective, practical, and socially just. Through this lens, our team of industry experts works collaboratively to assure considerations of climate resiliency remain a key feature from project planning through implementation. Our focus on co-benefits also seeks to address the source of climate change through applied solutions that draw upon natural and built carbon mitigation strategies.

We offer:

  • Sustainable and climate resilient planning, permitting, and design
  • GIS hazard and natural resource mapping
  • Green infrastructure/low impact development
  • Nature-based solutions including carbon mitigation strategies
  • Renewable energy assessment and solutions
  • Stormwater management and flood protection
  • Coastal and waterfront resiliency
  • Stakeholder engagement and education
  • Grant application assistance
  • Social resiliency and public health planning
  • Massachusetts MVP provider services
Katie Kemen

Katie Kemen, MBA, Director of Climate Resilience Services
Katie brings experience in the field of emergency management and business continuity to support clients’ physical and operational resilience needs. She draws upon academic training in public health and business administration to drive climate solutions that are socially just and fiscally responsible.

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Pallavi Mande, Director of Climate Resilient Design
Pallavi’s design practice is heavily grounded in an understanding of watershed science and engineering with the goal of restoring natural resources, as well as improving a community's quality of life. With over 20 years of experience in environmental planning and green infrastructure design, Pallavi brings tremendous knowledge and expertise in developing nature and community based solutions for climate resilience.

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Climate Resilience Projects