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Integrating traffic and roadway planning and design, BSC Group’s transportation team creates infrastructure solutions to promote connectivity within our communities. Specifically, BSC provides engineering services for roadway, intersection, bicycle facility, and parking facility projects for municipal, state and private sector projects.

BSC applies a complete streets design approach to roadway projects, creating vibrant public linkages that can be safely enjoyed by pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorists. By collaborating with planners, residents and project stakeholders, we help to leverage public investment in infrastructure to make lasting positive community and economic impacts. Traffic engineers and landscape architects also contribute to the design of roadway networks that are sensitive to the needs of the traveling public and the character of the host community.

In addition to providing roadway and intersection design, BSC is skilled in the design of bicycle and pedestrian paths, as well as the development of low impact, green stormwater solutions for roadways and parking areas. For our private land development clients, we offer traffic analysis and mitigation design to support the approval and successful construction of new and expanded developments. BSC fully embraces the social imperative of providing access to persons with disabilities. In addition to the design of accessible features, we are skilled in the assessment of existing facilities and the preparation of design guidelines to assure access for all.

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Peter Reed, PE, LEED AP, Transportation Engineering Sector Leader

As the leader of BSC Group’s transportation engineering practice, Peter integrates the skills of our transportation, traffic, civil and structural engineers to provide seamless service to clients in all market sectors. Peter has more than 40 years of industry experience and has contributed to a full range of transportation projects, including roadways, bike paths, bridges, and parking lots. His work is distinguished by a commitment to sustainability, informed by a practical perspective that emphasizes value and maintenance of project schedules.
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