Building on our history &

Looking to our future...

Founded in 1965 to provide engineering-oriented surveying services for large infrastructure and land development projects, BSC Group has evolved over more than five decades to provide fully integrated services to support a broad range of projects in the built and natural environments.

Integrating the talents of skilled engineers, planners, environmental scientists, landscape architects, software developers, and land surveyors, BSC has continually applied technical excellence to projects in the transportation, energy, land development, and government markets.

Over the years, we have been proud to contribute to some of our region's largest and most innovative projects, from the earliest planning phases of the Central Artery/Tunnel project to the first implementation phase of the Climate Ready Boston initiative. We remain at the forefront of technology to achieve positive outcomes for our clients and the community as a whole.

BSC Group has successfully transitioned to being an employee-owned firm dedicated to the principle that client success is our success.

Our participatory and productive employee owners reflect a diversity of skills, expertise, and levels of experience. Notably, we have more than 30% female ownership, narrowing the gender gap in a traditionally imbalanced industry.

Driven by ideas and focused on our clients, our team today is united in a shared commitment to fulfill the firm's mission:

BSC brings a team planning and design approach to New England's infrastructure and economic development projects. Our employees combine their analytical and creative skills to fulfill client goals. The work we perform builds on BSC's history and experience while looking to the future.