Ecological Science

Applying a scientific perspective to preserve

our most valued resources

Reconciling the built environment with the natural environment, BSC's environmental scientists and planners integrate ecological principles into all aspects of a project, from natural habitat assessment and restoration of degraded environments to collaboration on site design and land planning.

Freshwater and coastal wetland resource area science forms the core of our natural resource services. Our wetland related services include wetland delineations, wetland function-value assessments, wetland mitigation design, construction oversight and monitoring, vernal pool identification, stream and salt marsh restoration, coastal dune and bank assessment and restoration planning, dredge planning and permitting, aerial photo interpretation, determination of regulatory jurisdiction, and expert witness testimony.

BSC's environmental scientists are also skilled in wildlife habitat assessment and management, with the capacity to conduct habitat evaluations and inventories, wildlife surveys and mitigation, and planning and permitting for a range of species, including varied reptiles, amphibians, birds, insects, shellfish, and mammals.


Theresa Portante, Ecological Service Leader
As leader of BSC Group's ecological services group, Theresa directs a team of environmental scientists offering multifaceted expertise in issues associated with such issues as wetlands, habitat, vernal pools, protected species, and invasive species. Working with clients from all of BSC's market sectors, Theresa guides ecological restoration and resource management planning to support permitting approvals and ongoing compliance, carefully balancing client objectives with preservation of the natural environment.
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