BSC/Cullinan Joint Venture Awarded Displacement Monitoring Contract

The BSC/Cullinan Associates joint venture has received a new contract with the Massachusetts Turnpike Authority (MTA) to provide displacement monitoring of the ceiling panels in the Ted Williams Tunnel in Boston. The team will use High Definition Survey (HDS) to capture existing conditions (elevations) on approximately 2,500 of the ceiling panels and will then repeat the survey to identify movement. Used in conjunction with the active visual inspections of the anchor bolts themselves, MTA anticipates identifying areas where potential significant movement may occur to remediate them prior to failure. If successful, this system of monitoring may be used elsewhere in the CA/T tunnels to determine movement of the panels from below, as well as potentially acquiring HDS data on the anchors themselves. This work is in conjunction with the ongoing repair and inspection program of the entire CA/T Tunnel system for the anchor bolt attached ceiling types by the FHWA, EOT and MHD.