BSC Group Applies Integrated Approach to Climate Change Preparedness

As public agencies, municipalities, and land development consultants initiate efforts to assess and mitigate risk associated with climate change, BSC Group is  pleased to offer guidance in this newly emerging area. Offering integrated expertise in the fields of ecological science, civil engineering, structural engineering, and planning, BSC is well positioned to advise clients in climate adaptation/resiliency associated with coastal surges, sea level rise, flooding, severe weather events, high heat, and associated impacts to energy, infrastructure and ecological function.

BSC’s climate change preparedness program is informed by the leadership of Gillian Davis, PWS, NHCWS, RSS, and CESSWI, a BSC Group Senior Wetland Scientist who is currently serving on the Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs (EEA) Adaptation Subcommittee to the Global Warming Solutions Act (GWSA) Implementation Advisory Committee. Gillian also served on the EEA GWSA Natural Resources & Habitat Subcommittee to the Climate Change Adaptation Advisory Committee (AAC), and contributed to the Massachusetts Climate Change Adaptation Report (September, 2011). Gillian’s service on these committees provides BSC with key insight to climate change adaptation strategies, as well as potential regulatory changes affecting permitting for future land development projects.