BSC Group Awarded Contract with MassDOT Highway Division to Assess High Crash Locations

Boston, MA  – BSC Group has been selected to provide statewide engineering design and review services under a $2 million dollar contract with the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) Highway Division. Under the contract, BSC is addressing high hazard locations throughout MassDOT’s District 5 on a task order basis.

Thus far under the contract, BSC Group has been involved with providing safety improvements for the Alden Road/Bridge Street intersection in Fairhaven, MA, four intersections in Fairhaven, MA, and the Route 140/Route 6/Brownell Road intersection in New Bedford, MA, all of which have been the site of numerous accidents. For the New Bedford location, BSC participated in a safety audit to identify existing problems, determine their causes, and evaluate alternative approaches to improve safety with consideration of all roadway users. BSC has developed such solutions as reworking signal phasing at intersections, adding or rearranging lanes, and evaluating the use of a roundabout to eliminate causes of accidents.

BSC’s work under the contract supports MassDOT Highway Division’s Highway Safety Improvement Program. MassDOT maintains a database of crash data collected by the State and analyzed by means of an automated method developed by BSC’s sister company Geonetics. The crash data is then used in conjunction with records collected by the Registry of Motor Vehicles to identify locations for safety improvement projects. Working with the Regional Planning Agencies, MassDOT then produces a priority listing of safety project needs under the Highway Safety Improvement Program.

BSC Group, an operating subsidiary of BSC Companies, is a proven leader in providing integrated planning and design solutions to enhance and connect the community’s living, working and learning environments. BSC Group has offices in Massachusetts and Connecticut. Sister company Geonetics designs custom software solutions for public sector agencies.