BSC Group and Geonetics Take ACEC Engineering Excellence Silver

BSC Group and Geonetics were recognized at the ACEC Engineering Excellence with a Silver Award for their collaboration on the MassDOT Wheelchair Curb Ramp Inventory project. The project establishes a strong model of synergy between traditional engineering and forward-thinking technology to provide creative solutions to challenges within our public infrastructure.

As part of MassDOT’s ADA Transition Plan, the agency undertook a statewide inventory of wheelchair curb ramps on its roadways. Geonetics and BSC Group teamed for the design and implementation of a mobile tablet application that allowed for the collection of ramp data, along with full, real-time integration with MassDOT’s GIS. Using the application, field crews captured data on the condition, slope, and dimensions of 28,000 ramps along 4,700 miles of roadway. Data was then synced with the Scorecard program, also designed by Geonetics, to identify non-compliant locations and prioritize them for repair.

The Wheelchair Curb Ramp Inventory project represents an important intersection of BSC Companies’ core competencies with BSC Group leading the engineering and field data collection elements of the project and Geonetics providing software development.

MassDOT’s Tom Timlin joined BSC Companies president Dave Hayes to accept the award at ACEC’s annual awards dinner.