BSC Group Receives 2018 ASCE – CT Transportation Award

BSC’s Route 31 Roadway Reconstruction project in Coventry is the culmination of a truly interdisciplinary effort of engineering, ecological science, and landscape architecture services. Planned in 2003 and designed and constructed over the next decade and a half, the longevity and complexity of this project have been recognized by the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) by being awarded the distinguished 2018 Transportation Award on behalf of the Connecticut Society of Civil Engineers.

BSC achieved a roadway design that addressed all safety issues by improving roadway connectivity, calming vehicular speeds, eliminating vertical sight distance issues, and providing a consistent roadway width throughout the entire length of the corridor. Also essential to the design was overcoming the many ecological challenges that the site posed, by replacing a pair of box culverts along the roadway as well as the installation of a 60-foot-long stone lined culvert with step pools to support aquatic life. Many of these successes were also attributable to BSC’s effective permitting strategy that required the close coordination with town staff and city agencies to ensure a smooth design process.

Perhaps one of the biggest drivers of the project was to revitalize the downtown area. Through a series of public engagement activities, BSC captured the Town’s wishes and provided significant streetscape improvements that enhanced the village’s historic and cultural character. Specific streetscape components include ornamental lighting, concrete sidewalks with accent strips, textured crosswalks, street trees, ground covers, and street furniture. Two gateway areas were also established, featuring a fountain, clock, and grinding wheel. Today, the roadway is home to new businesses and is a source of pride for residents.