BSC Group Secures Diverse Project Wins

In recent months, BSC has secured several new project wins including:

Oyster Shell Park Design Services, Norwalk, CT – Subsequent to developing the Oyster Shell Park Master Plan, BSC has been retained to provide design services for the first phase of plan implementation.

Roadway Reconstruction, Waltham, MA – The City of Waltham has selected BSC to perform surveys and prepare engineering plans for the design and reconstruction of two residential streets located near downtown Waltham. BSC has also been requested to perform similar services on an additional Waltham street.

Planning Services for Hicks-Logan-Sawyer Streets, New Bedford, MA – BSC has been retained by the City of New Bedford to provide planning services for the Hicks-Logan-Sawyer area. BSC will be developing a master plan, District Improvement Financing Plan (DIF), and Urban Renewal Plan (URP) strategy.

Planning Assessment, Taunton, MA – The Taunton Industrial Development Commission has selected BSC to provide a planning assessment for the reuse/redevelopment of the Paul A. Dever School and the Phase IV expansion of the Myles Standish Industrial Park in Taunton.

MTA On-Call Survey Contract – BSC has received a contract with the Massachusetts Turnpike Authority to provide on-call survey services under a two-year contract with a one-year extension.
Mill Pond Dam, Rockport, MA – As subconsultant to GEI Consultants, BSC has been selected to provide wetlands delineation, survey, site planning, and permitting for the evaluation of repair alternatives for the Mill Pond Dam.

K-8 School, Waterbury, CT – As subconsultant to the SLAM Collaborative, BSC will provide civil engineering services for a K-8 School project in Waterbury.