BSC Group Supports Bay Circuit Trail through Pro Bono Survey Work

Committed to building, supporting, and connecting with our communities, BSC has been working with the Appalachian Mountain Club to incorporate an addition to the Bay Circuit Trail in Billerica, Massachusetts. Billerica is part of the largest gap on the Bay Circuit Trail since communities started doing work in the 90s.

BSC Worcester survey staff collaborated closely with AMC and the Bay Circuit Alliance to conduct land survey field work to prepare easement plans. The work provided by BSC not only aides in the enhancement of this trail, but the community as well, allowing an even larger number of communities to partake in the many features the trail offers.

By helping bring this project to fruition, BSC’s work serves as a model for community engagement, environmental conservation, and mutually beneficial land development.

Learn about the Bay Circuit Trail here: Bay Circuit Trail & Greenway.