BSC is Implementing Innovative Technologies

BSC is working with Manitou Engineering of Escondido, CA, to deploy a monitoring system following slope reconstruction for a new ozone treatment facility at the Robert B. Diemer Treatment Plant in California. One of five treatment plants owned and operated by the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California (MWDSC), Diemer is located on a hilltop above the City of Yorba Linda, treats drinking water, and features a hydroelectric generator.

MWDSC has embarked on major construction projects including adding a new ozone disinfection system to the facility. Kiewit Pacific Construction is undertaking an $86.8 million site preparation contract for the ozone treatment facilities, which includes lowering and reconstructing the south facing portion of the hilltop on which Diemer is located with roller compacted concrete to provide a seismically stable foundation for the ozone facilities. Their responsibilities include the establishment of a measurement and monitoring system to ensure that the risk to the valley below can be managed in part by knowing that movements within the supporting slope do not exceed predetermined limits.

In response to this challenge, BSC and Manitou Engineering will deploy a fully automated system capable of remotely monitoring over 200 discrete points on a near real time (twice daily) basis. The system will integrate a host of sophisticated technologies and will be comprised of a series of three precision robotic total station survey instruments and targeting hardware, meteorological sensors, a wireless and wired and communications network, and a series of computers for machine control, data acquisition, rigorous data processing, and online alerts and reporting.