BSC Launches Working Parents Employee Resource Group

The recent announcement that remote learning would continue through the school year inspired a collective groan from working parents everywhere. BSC’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee immediately responded by forming a Working Parents Employee Resource Group (ERG) to provide virtual support for families balancing remote working with family commitments.

The first Zoom meeting was well attended by colleagues who are parenting children of all ages, from toddlers to college students. The meeting provided a venue for sharing ideas and resources. Some of the issues on parents’ minds included:

  • Promoting exercise and physical activity during recent rainy weather
  • Supporting children too young to understand the virus and the need for social distancing
  • Accessing online resources and enrichment programs that provide interesting and fun learning opportunities
  • Introducing social media at a young age to allow for socialization
  • Enlisting the support of grandparents and other relatives to educate and entertain young children
  • Engaging only children and teens who may be feeling lonely or isolated

This week, Frank Vacca, PE, LEED AP, a civil engineer in BSC’s Glastonbury, CT office, and Heather Gould, a planner in BSC’s Worcester, MA office, agreed to co-chair the ERG.

Frank Vacca commented, “During this difficult time, parents have taken on the role of both full-time employee and full-time educator. It is my hope that this group can be a resource to the parents of BSC to provide information, ideas, and support so that we can make the stress a bit more manageable… and a reminder that we are not alone.”

Said Heather, “The pandemic has wreaked havoc on our everyday lives creating even more demands on working parents than ever before. It is my hope that this Employee Resource Group can provide us with ways to connect and support each other. After all, we are not alone – we are all in this together!”