BSC Presents Beverly Resiliency Plan at North Shore Technology Council Workshop

This week Katie Moniz PE, AICP, CFM and Ingeborg Hegemann, PWS presented the City of Beverly’s Waterfront Resiliency project at the North Shore Technology Council Sustainability Forum. BSC’s work with the City of Beverly stems from a $90,000 grant from the Massachusetts Office of Coastal Zone Management (CZM) to identify potential impacts of sea level rise and develop a resiliency strategy to begin addressing these potential impacts. Leading the effort for BSC, Katie is working with the City of Beverly to assess critical infrastructure that is most vulnerable to coastal flooding.

This presentation complements the multiple community workshops that BSC has held in the City of Beverly. The workshops have given residents the chance to learn more about the threats that the City faces due to climate change and using modeling and mapping, our scientists and engineers will know which areas of the City to focus on for potential flood risk. The workshop also encouraged residents to rank the importance of various types of assets within the City, including municipal facilities, protective coastal structures, transportation infrastructure and natural and cultural assets.