BSC Staff Attend Ribbon Cutting at the South Worcester Playground

BSC staff were on site last month for a ribbon-cutting ceremony to celebrate the completion of over $2 million in renovations at the South Worcester Playground.

Work on the project began in 2014, when BSC’s landscape architecture team developed a master plan to reinvent the existing park for a new generation. Construction of the first phase of the plan was completed this summer, and included the creation of an accessibility ramp to the community center and a new playground with a focus on stylish and accessible play features with exciting elements to explore. Additional improvements included bringing playing fields up to current park standards and upgrading the community gardens which entailed decorative fencing, wheelchair accessible planters, tool storage, composting facilities, and site security. These exciting features and activities are woven into a site design that understands and applies accessible engineering principles, economy of urban space and durability of materials to provide longevity and service to the community.