BSC Staff Take Part in Morningside Initiative Family Game Night

BSC staff recently attended Morningside Initiative’s community game night where families from the neighborhood gathered to grab pizza, play games, sing karaoke, dance, and share community improvement ideas with us and other community groups.

As an innovative planning tool, BSC staff created a customized board game for the event which allowed adults and kids to place amenities along a virtual Tyler Street. Kids were asked to use game pieces representing streetscape elements, such as benches, trees, bike lanes, and others, to help us identify areas along the street that could be improved.

BSC’s participation in this event is part of our ongoing community engagement efforts for Pittsfield’s Tyler Street Streetscape project. Our team is also contributing to the project’s CoUrbanize page, which is used to solicit input and promote the project, as well as posting project updates on Facebook and Instagram. Flyers, handouts and communications are being provided in both English and Spanish in order to reach Pittsfield’s Morningside Community’s diverse population.