BSC’s Belmont Center Improvement Project Featured in the Boston Globe

Belmont, MA – BSC has been working with the Town of Belmont to plan and design improvements to Belmont Center. The project, which features a thorough public participation process, was recently featured in the January 2, 2011 issue of the Boston Globe. BSC Group is providing transportation planning consulting services for the project, which involves a comprehensive study including analysis of options for bicycle lanes, widened sidewalks, new crosswalks, parking and streetscape amenities, and a public participation process.

The article in the Boston Globe served as a snapshot of the varying opinions of citizens who attended one of a series of four forums held for the project. BSC Group’s Peter Briere, Project Director for the assignment, led the forums along with the Town of Belmont’s Transportation Advisory Committee. One forum held in December was attended by 30 people who voiced their opinions regarding the future plans for the Town. The discussion lasted more than four hours and included such suggestions as a complete redesign of Leonard Street to accommodate additional parking, widened sidewalks, bicycle lanes, and an expanded common. Also discussed was the narrowing of the railroad embankment along Concord Avenue across from the Town Hall to provide pedestrian amenities, bicycle lanes and additional on-street parking.

Suggestions gained through the public participation process for the Belmont Center redesign project will be incorporated by BSC Group and the Transportation Advisory Committee in the development of final plans to be presented to the Board of Selectmen.

BSC Group has worked in the Town of Belmont to design numerous roadway projects, including the reconstruction of Belmont Street and Trapelo Road.

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