Construction Underway on DCR’s Southern New England Trunkline Trail

BSC was on-site in Franklin last month to see the construction of a rail-trail tunnel designed by our team. The tunnel, which is being constructed using a concrete culvert, will be completed this summer.

BSC has provided design, permitting, and survey services under this contract. As part of the design process, our team reviewed a four-sided box culvert, a three-sided culvert, and an arched tunnel as options before ultimately selecting a four-sided precast box culvert. Wingwalls were designed at the ends of the culvert to reduce the total length of the culvert and minimize the length of the trail passing through the enclosed tunnel. Stabilized granular pavement, commonly referred to as stone dust, will be used for the surface of the trail. As part of the project, BSC’s team also coordinated with utility companies, helping to facilitate required relocations. Approximately 350 feet of the trail is being reconstructed as part of this effort, which will lead the way for DCR’s plans for further expansion to the east in the future.