Geonetics Supports Roll out of Resilient MA Action Team Climate Resilience Design Standards Tool

Geonetics was excited to support the launch of the Resilient MA Action Team (RMAT) Climate Resilience Design Standards Tool.

The Geonetics team has been working closely with the Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs to develop this interactive, web-based platform that, through a series of site-specific questions and location information, generates a preliminary climate exposure and risk rating and recommended design standards for projects. The tool also provides guidelines and forms to help municipalities integrate site suitability, regional coordination, and flexible adaptation considerations into climate-resilient planning and design.

Speaking about the tool, Governor Charlie Baker noted, “Assessing climate risk is an integral part of resilient program design, and this new web tool will strengthen state grant programs to ensure we have the data we need to safeguard the Commonwealth’s infrastructure, environment, businesses, and residents.” Read more about the project, and its potential impact here.