Gillian Davies to Give Presentation on Wetlands, Climate Change and the Global Carbon Cycle in Taiwan

BSC Senior Wetland/Soil Scientist Gillian Davies, M.E.S., PWS, Registered Soil Scientist, NHCWS, and President Elect of the Society of Wetland Scientists will travel to Taiwan this month to present recent scientific findings about the role of wetlands relative to climate change. Taiwan, as in other locations around the globe, is already seeing significant changes resulting from global climate change. Smart and effective management of our communities and wetlands is informed by an understanding of how wetlands function in the global carbon cycle, how wetlands are being impacted by climate change, and how wetlands provide climate resiliency ecosystem services. Ms. Davies’ presentation, “Wetlands, Climate Change and the Carbon Cycle.” will be given on December 7th at the Graduate Institute of Environmental Education, National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan and on December 10th at the Chigu Conservation Center, Tainan County, Taiwan. In this presentation, Ms. Davies will discuss the role of wetlands in global climate change and the importance of identifying Best Management Practices that will promote ecosystem resilience in the face of climate change stressors.