Gillian Davies Moderates Society of Wetlands Scientists Webinar

BSC Group’s Gillian Davies moderated an informative webinar.

The first presentation, offered by Dr. Bill Moomaw, considered “The Importance of Wetlands in Addressing Climate Change, and Creating a Role for Wetlands Through the Paris Climate Accord.” This discussion centered on how wetland restoration might be used to reduce the growth and absolute amounts of carbon dioxide and methane in the atmosphere while meeting other ecosystem’s service goals.

The second program, presented by Dr. Nigel Roulet, provided guidance on “The Importance of Keeping the Large Northern Store of Carbon in Wetlands and  Not Emitting it to the Atmosphere.” This discussion explored the impact of land development on peat and other northern wetlands, along with the resulting impact to climate change.

Moderator Gillian Davies is President-Elect of the Society of Wetland Scientists, and is a recognized industry leader in the field.