Ingeborg Hegemann Becomes Board Member at Two Non-Profit Organizations

BSC Group’s Environmental Principal, Ingeborg Hegemann, PWS, CWS, has recently become a Board Member at two non-profit associations: E-Inc. and OARS.

E-Inc. is a community based environmental science learning and action center located in Boston, MA and is dedicated to teaching children, teens, and adults the science of our planet and their role in sustainability. On average, E-Inc. teaches over 4,500 children each year in the Greater Boston area through educational day and after school programs and summer camps. Their mission is “To create dynamic environmental citizens committed to understanding and protecting the Earth. We fulfill this mission by inspiring science competency and developing capable and confident individuals able to take immediate and sustained action to protect our planet.”

OARS is an organization that works to protect, improve, and preserve three Massachusetts rivers (the Assabet, Sudbury, and Concord), their tributaries, and watersheds for the purposes of public recreation, water supply, and wildlife habitat. OARS operates on a three-pronged approach guided by raising awareness for the three rivers, collecting data and advocating for additional scientific research, and working collaboratively with local and state government officials, community members, and others towards feasible solutions that will benefit the rivers.