Ingeborg Hegemann, PWS Gives Presentation to Women in Wetlands Group

Ingeborg Hegemann, PWS and Senior Vice President at BSC Group, Inc., gave a presentation to the Women in Wetlands group at the Society of Wetland Scientists 2015 Annual Meeting held at the Omni Hotel. The presentation was on a wide range of topics including how to balance work/life/family, managing your career and stories from the field. In order to prepare for the presentation, Ingeborg reached out to peers and colleagues in the field of wetland science, collecting stories and advice from scientists, regulators, consultants and landscape architects. Ingeborg stressed the importance that advice and storytelling has for anyone starting her career, as well as the connections that are made by sharing everyone’s individual experiences.

The Women in Wetlands mission is to promote the success of women in the field of wetland science and management through mentoring, networking and education of both female and male members of SWS. Learn more at:

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