Leaders Today and Tomorrow: How BSC’s Mentoring Program Promotes Equality in Our Industry

At BSC Group, we challenge bias and inequality in our industry by providing formal mentoring opportunities designed to help women in our organization feel more empowered, connected, and supported, while enhancing the culture throughout our firm.

Our mentoring program was founded as part of our commitment to the All in For Advancement program. This formal program targets female technical team members to address the challenge of ensuring that women see a clear pathway to success. The well thought out, five-month pilot program is underway, and includes speed networking, pairing individuals based on goals and interests, one-on-one meetings, peer networking opportunities, personality testing, periodic check-ins for feedback, and will commence with a celebratory event. BSC is committed to building, refining, and maintaining a sustainable mentoring plan of action that becomes a part of the BSC culture.  

Everyone has their own light to shine.  I want my mentee to feel comfortable taking her hand off the dimmer switch.  Show the world who she is!  Help her to get to know her power; own her power!  Even a rising star can hide behind a wall of self-doubt.  Just being trusted with this responsibility means the world to me. Lee Curtis, Director of Ecological Services

Professional growth is largely based on your level of confidence. It is easier to have confidence in yourself when the person you aspire to be has confidence in you. Carley Corbo, Civil Designer

A positive mentor can have a significant impact on a young woman’s career.  Learning new perspectives of the workplace while providing guidance from lessons learned are valuable commodities for both the mentee and the mentor. We are all striving to learn and improve, and a guiding hand my be what we need to take the next step. Rob Newton, PE, Manager of Civil Engineering, CT

Having a mentor provides guidance and support to help you to focus on your goals.  I’m excited to participate in BSC’s new mentoring initiative and to help shape the program for the future. Marissa Valentino, PE, Project Manager

I’m excited to be part of a movement to support other women as they shape their careers at BSC. Since starting with BSC, I have had the privilege of working with some incredible female leaders who have shaped and supported my own journey. I feel strongly privileged to have the opportunity to pass the torch on to other women within our firm and provide them with the same support I have received, in addition to further developing my skills as a mentor. Theresa Portante, Manager of Ecological Services

It’s humbling and encouraging to be chosen as one of the women to kick off the new Mentoring Program at BSC. Having a mentor who’s invested in listening, championing my goals, and most importantly learning herself; allows me to focus on where I want to be in the future.  Having the rare chance to see some of the behind the scenes ways my mentor succeeds helps me to confidently stand up and say, “I can do that too.” Rachel Salch, PLA, Landscape Architect

It has been my pleasure to serve as a mentor to Emily, one of the rising young stars of BSC’s Boston civil engineering group. A dedicated team player, she is also deeply interested in issues related to social justice and last year organized a Black Lives Matter fundraiser through Google and hopes to take part in BSC’s Inclusion Diversity Equity Awareness (IDEA) efforts. I look forward to working with her in shaping her vision for her career, and supporting her professional growth. Ricardo Austrich, RLA, Landscape Architecture Manager

I am still at the early stages of my career and face many choices that will determine how it will progress. A mentor can help me navigate these critical decisions and offer support for professional growth. I look forward to building a relationship with someone at BSC outside of my group and believe the mentoring program will be a great way to connect with my mentor and other program participants. Emily Derrig, EIT, Civil Designer

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