MIT Project Earns LEED Gold Status

MIT’s NW 35 Ashdown House Graduate Hall has earned a LEED Gold rating from the US Green Building Council. BSC Group served as the civil engineer for the project, which involved demolition of two existing buildings and the construction of three new buildings to house 560 students.

BSC’s project role involved civil/site and utilities deisgn; Article 19 Project Review Special Permit support; and construction phase services. A highlight of BSC’s design is a complex stormwater detention system that stores the difference in pre- and post-development runoff volumes in large underground StormTrap units for 24 hours. The water is then released via a self-actuated, timed control valve system that provides data to the MIT campus-wide facilities computer networking system, as well as hard-copy summary printouts. The project also provides underground rain tanks that collect roof runoff for irrigation purposes.

NW 35 Ashdown House is MIT’s first and only LEED Gold building on campus.