New Professionals Employee Resource Group Supports Colleagues

Starting a new job, working in a new industry, making a career change, or entering the workforce can cause stress for professionals at any stage in their career. BSC Group is working to make these transitions easier by forming a New Professionals Employee Resource Group (ERG).

Co-Chairs Matt Ciminella, Carley Corbo, Heather Hamilton, and Sara Kreisel have launched the new subcommittee of BSC’s Diversity & Inclusion Committee. This week, the team was excited to announce the ERG’s formation, stating, “The start or transition in one’s career can be an unnerving time filled with new adjustments, challenges, and expectations. Our goal is to create a community among coworkers new to the company, industry, or workforce, and to provide them with an inclusive environment that supports career growth and personal development.”

BSC Group has been enjoying a time of rapid staff growth at all levels of our organization. The New Professionals ERG will create a support network for our new colleagues, helping to welcome them to the firm and providing a resource for forming our collective culture, accessing information, and meeting new coworkers.

The New Professionals ERG is the latest support network within BSC’s Diversity & Inclusion Committee that also includes ERGs for women, working parents, and multicultural colleagues.