Project Success: Hudson Rotary Invigorates Downtown

BSC Group is joining the Town of Hudson in celebrating the completion of the downtown rotary and streetscape improvement project.

As a former industrial town known for shoe manufacturing, Hudson faced many familiar challenges: reduced foot traffic, inadequate parking, and competition from nearby commercial centers. Using its distinctive, signature rotary as a centerpiece for large-scale Complete Streets reconstruction, the Town leveraged a variety of funding sources to create a vibrant, functional downtown that accommodates pedestrians, bicyclists, and vehicles alike. Today, Hudson is hailed by Boston Magazine as a “culinary mecca for entrepreneurial restaurateurs priced out of Boston.” Individual elements, like traffic improvements, pedestrian amenities, and linkages to community resources, combine to transform downtown Hudson as a premier Metrowest destination.

BSC Group was proud to partner with the Town of Hudson to bring this project to fruition. Our planners worked collaboratively with Town staff, local businesses, and engaged residents to develop a plan that celebrates the historic rotary while creating an attractive, modern civic space. BSC’s engineers reconfigured the rotary to function for today’s traffic uses and preserved on-street parking, identified as a priority for local businesses. Now fully complete, the project is a model of dynamic community engagement, creative funding, and successful economic development.

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Image by Ideal Video Strategies, LLC