Rachel Salch Joins BSC’s Growing Team of Licensed Drone Pilots

Rachel Salch, PLA, a landscape architect in BSC’s Connecticut office, has received her drone pilot license, expanding our team of licensed drone operators. Rachel’s accomplishment will enhance BSC’s growing capabilities in remote piloting and keep BSC at the leading edge of innovation. Surprisingly, according to recently-released Federal Aviation Administration Data as reported by womenanddrones.com, it is estimated that less than 7% of drone pilots are women. Rachel’s accomplishment not only promotes BSC’s adoption of new technology but also demonstrates our firm’s commitment to supporting women as they innovate and forge new career paths within our industry.

Rachel commented, “The thing that most inspired me to pursue my license is my love of providing photography and to help elevate the firm through marketing. It’s cool to think that I’ll be able to fly a drone as part of my job, and especially neat to think that I’m part of a group of women who are leading the charge.”