Sean O’Brien Discusses BSC’s Award-Winning Culture in Brand Heart Podcast

Recently honored with a Cultural Excellence Award from the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce, BSC Group and CEO Sean O’Brien were featured in a Brand Heart Podcast.

In assessing the elements that contribute to BSC’s positive culture, Sean credited our success to key values that drive our work as leaders and colleagues:

  • Listening to and learning from each other
  • Determining a shared purpose and working together to achieve our endeavors
  • Establishing a servant leader model that empowers our team to make decisions and supports professional development
  • Creating clear lines of communication that allow teams to have candid conversations and maintain positive relationships

Sean suggested that these values provided the foundation for BSC’s resilient response to the COVID-19 crisis and remote working environment. During this time of isolation and uncertainty, BSC moved towards strengthening our Diversity & Inclusion Committee, adding Employee Resource Groups to forge connections between women, working parents, people of different cultures, and young professionals.

Sean said, “In order for BSC to be the best organization it can be, we need to understand the perspectives of others. We need a diversity of experience, perspective, and opinion that is achieved through diversity of gender, color, sexual orientation, and ethnicity.”

Sean wrapped up the interview by summarizing his philosophy: listen, understand, and serve… And empower others to do the same.