Taylor Dowdy Explores Design for Well Workplaces in NEREJ Article

As the professional community considers return-to-office planning and appropriate health and safety measures, BSC’s Taylor Dowdy, PE, LEED AP presented an article in the New England Real Estate Journal, discussing design strategies for creating a well workplace.

Drawing from his experience supporting EMD Serono’s construction of the first US building to receive WELL certification, Taylor recommended some low-cost, high-impact ways to incorporate wellness into the design of commercial space. Solutions such as outdoor meeting spaces, walking trails, biophilic design, and naturalized landscapes can contribute to a holistic plan for employee wellness. Many of these features are low-cost and easily maintained; they can also be incorporated as modifications to existing spaces or as part of new construction projects.

In addition to creating a more attractive campus and contributing to overall staff wellness and satisfaction, these solutions can also serve as valuable recruiting tools.

In his article Taylor notes, “The 2020 pandemic will have an enduring impact on how we prioritize health and wellness – as individuals, as employers, and as designers. Our response must extend beyond the immediate crisis to create a framework for healthier workplaces that meet the wellness needs of our colleagues and employees.”