Using VISSIM for Brockton’s Downtown Traffic Study

BSC is proud to have partnered with the City of Brockton for several infrastructure improvement projects. Most recently, BSC has supported the city in conducting a traffic study for the downtown area, analyzing the effects of converting the current one-way traffic system to a two-way traffic system.

BSC’s transportation engineers used VISSIM traffic simulation software to show how traffic in the downtown area would operate under the proposed two-way conversion. Traffic simulation software such as VISSIM and Synchro make it possible to evaluate various combinations of signal timing, lane use, on-street parking, bike lanes, and pedestrian crossings under current and future conditions. Measures such as vehicle delays, queuing, and bottlenecks are clearly identified and mitigated under simulated conditions.

In Brockton, simulation results were presented to various stakeholders to help them understand that the two-way conversion was possible, achieving additional support for the project.