Wellness ERG Emphasizes Physical and Mental Health

The Wellness Employee Resource Group is the latest offshoot of BSC’s Diversity & Inclusion Committee. Joining the Multicultural, Working Parents, Women’s and New Professionals ERGs, this program aims to support colleagues in achieving better overall mental and physical health.

The committee is off to a great start, co-sponsoring the BSC Winter Games, an employee program that promotes healthy outdoor activities. Participants receive points for completing fun activities, such as making a snow angel, shoveling a neighbor’s driveway, or taking a hike in a new location. This program is offered in collaboration with the Working Parents ERG.

Steve Cammuso and Heidi Graf of BSC’s Worcester and New Hampshire offices will be leading the Wellness ERG as co-chairs.

“Wellness isn’t acing your physical at the doctors. Wellness isn’t being the most fit at the gym. Wellness is a balance of physical, mental, and emotional health. I hope this group motivates everyone to enhance their home and work life,” said Steve Cammuso.

Heidi Graf added, “Wellness is about your own journey. Being kind to yourself and understanding what truly makes you happy is so important to your physical and mental health. This group can help you discover rewarding and meaningful activities and be open to try something new.”