Wetlands Journal Publishes Gillian Davies co-authored work: Wetlands in a Changing Climate: Science, Policy and Management

BSC Group’s senior ecological scientist Gillian Davies has co-authored a journal article titled, Wetlands in a Changing Climate: Science, Policy and Management which has just been published online in the Wetlands journal. This article has been recognized within the international wetlands community as an important contribution to wetlands science and management.

Wetlands are increasingly being recognized for their importance in addressing both the cause and effects of climate change. Healthy wetland systems protect surrounding communities by buffering severe storm impacts, storing flood waters and then later releasing water gradually during dry times and droughts, thereby protecting water supplies, water quality, fish and wildlife habitats, floodplains and coastal areas, thus reducing social and economic costs. Wetlands store 20% – 30% of the world’s soil carbon, despite occupying only 5% – 8% of the landscape. Protecting the ability of wetlands to store atmospheric carbon in soil and vegetation helps offset the acceleration of rising temperatures by reducing the amount of heat-trapping carbon emitted to the atmosphere, thus contributing to keeping the earth habitable for current and future generations.

To read more, the online journal article can be found here.