Winslow Park Sees Groundbreaking

After two years of planning, fundraising, property purchase, and land transfers, Winslow Park in Worcester, MA, is finally under construction. BSC Group has provided landscape architectural services for the redevelopment of a derelict one-half-acre parcel in the City of Worcester into a park that will provide a valuable community resource in an urban area rife with crime and poverty.

Winslow Park is the result of a collaborative design process between BSC landscape architects, the City of Worcester, and Women Together Now (WTN), a group formed by women in the area to make the neighborhood a safe place to live and work. One of their projects aimed at achieving a lasting peace is Winslow Park, which will serve as a memorial to the sons and daughters lost to senseless violence. The result of this collaboration is a seasonal water play area/patio, curving walls with memorials inscribed along their lengths, a community garden, a great lawn, a performance/patio area, site furniture, trees, and plantings.

Speeches made at the groundbreaking ceremony by WTN, City Manager Mike O’Brien, and several state and local dignitaries recognized the hard work of those involved to make this significant park a reality. Speacial thanks was given to BSC landscape architects for their patience and creativity, and their ability to integrate diverse goals into a park design that sastisfies the needs of many.