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Batterson Park Master Plan

The Batterson Park Master Plan is an ambitious and comprehensive project aimed at optimizing the use and potential of the vast 266-acre area surrounding Batterson Park Pond. Encompassing a diverse landscape of natural beauty, recreational spaces, and a stunning 140-acre man-made pond, this project seeks to create a holistic and sustainable environment for the community.

The design team looked to develop state-of-the-art recreational facilities such as walking trails, bike paths, and picnic areas while integrating modern amenities like a playground, restrooms, concessions, and open spaces to cater to a wide range of recreational interests.

Preserve Natural Habitat:

  • Implement eco-friendly practices to preserve and enhance the natural habitat surrounding the pond.
  • Establish wildlife corridors and conservation zones to protect local flora and fauna.

Waterfront Development:

  • Design and implement a waterfront development plan to maximize the utilization of the 140-acre man-made pond.
  • Introduce water-based activities such as kayaking, boating, and fishing, ensuring sustainable practices.

In collaboration with: QA+M Architecture

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