City of Everett Everett, MA

Glenwood Cemetery Master Plan

BSC prepared a highly detailed master plan for Glenwood Cemetery in Everett, a 130-year-old, 21-acre cemetery. At the commencement of the project the cemetery had no grave space available and limited open land to expand into grave space. The master plan included the compiling of various GIS data, a complete aerial topographic mapping of the site, site observations, and existing burial area documentation which was then used to complete a master plan for the remaining grave space on the existing cemetery property. The master plan also included an inventory of all trees on the site, assessment of public memorials, driveway evaluations, fence and wall evaluations, existing buildings and space needs evaluation, creation of a walking tour leading to persons of interest interred within the cemetery, review of the rules and regulations, fee structures, and related cemetery documents.

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