Martignetti Companies  Taunton, MA

Martignetti Companies Headquarters

Martignetti Companies developed a new, 600,000-sf headquarters and distribution facility at the Myles Standish Industrial Park in Taunton. This large-scale complex allowed the company to consolidate office, sales, and warehouse operations to a single location. Having provided planning and design for MassDevelopment’s redevelopment of the industrial park, BSC Group was the natural choice to lead design for the project. BSC assisted in obtaining local permits, including Site Plan Special Permit form, Notice of Intent and City Council actions in creating new right of way to accommodate a roundabout. An important element of the project was Martignetti’s commitment to achieving LEED Silver Certification. BSC helped to realize this goal by supporting sustainable features such as a 300,000-sf solar array and on-site hydrogen generation for fuel cells to power some equipment.

In working with Martignetti on this project, BSC helped them to meet their existing needs while planning for the future. The initial project plans also included siting for a 600,000-sf expansion. Four years after celebrating the opening of the first headquarters site, BSC is pleased to again be working with the client to implement the planned expansion.

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