City of Amesbury Amesbury, MA

Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness Planning

As the City of Amesbury plans for a more resilient future, BSC Group has worked collaboratively with the community to leverage opportunities provided by the Massachusetts Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness (MVP) program.

Working with a group of engaged citizens, BSC facilitated a series of community workshops to identify, catalog, and prioritize climate resilient actions to protect valuable infrastructure and mitigate vulnerabilities. Following this initial assessment, BSC supported the City through a series of expanded scope and Action Grant programs aimed to fortify the City’s natural resource infrastructure. Our approach involved the mapping of the City’s resilient resources and the identification of nature-based solutions that could be implemented to improve climate resiliency. BSC’s interdisciplinary team, including an ecological scientist, a professional engineer, and a landscape architect, developed a unique report providing site specific and prioritized assessments with associated actions and costs to prepare for the effects of climate change.

Finally, BSC’s team helped to refine the City’s Open Space and Recreation Plan, updating the plan to incorporate opportunities for climate resiliency. This updated plan received an enthusiastic review from the Massachusetts Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs.

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