Town of Westwood Westwood, MA

New Westwood Cemetery

BSC Group provided master planning and civil engineering design services for the construction of a new 20-year-old, 31-acre cemetery for the Town of Westwood. The master plan included the compiling of various GIS data, site observations, soil testing and existing burial area documentation which was then used to complete a master plan for the remaining grave space on the existing cemetery property. The result is a 200-year plan for the town.

Based on projected cremation rates, demand for grave and niche space, fee structures, and various site restrictions, detailed surveys and construction drawings were prepared for the next phase of the cemetery. In addition to creation of full casket burial areas, this phase took advantage of a very picturesque pond to construct a committal area, benches, flagpoles, landscaping, and multiple niche units along with full casket burial sites in proximity to the pond which was enhanced with a new fountain. The design also included a cremation niche amphitheater to overlook the committal area and fountain however this was not constructed during the initial phase.