Towns of Sheffield, New Marlborough, and Sandisfield, MA Sheffield, New Marlborough, Sandisfield, MA

Rural Dirt Road Vulnerability Assessment

BSC Group is conducting a regional vulnerability assessment of rural dirt roads for the Towns of Sheffield, New Marlborough, and Sandisfield, MA. Within the context of climate resilience, the team is assessing road conditions and vulnerabilities. The project seeks to better understand the challenges that are expected to be faced as a result of exacerbated roadway infrastructure due to increasingly frequent and extreme climate exposure.

BSC Group will also complete GIS and field-based road assessments to develop a novel dirt road vulnerability and criticality methodology, which will be adopted by other local communities in the future.

A pilot study is being conducted on Weatogue Road, including a site survey, hydraulic and permitting assessments, and design of best management practices with the inclusion of nature-based solutions.

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