Wesleyan University Middletown, CT

Wesleyan University Steam and Hot Water Distribution

Working with mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineer vanZelm Engineers, BSC was hired by Wesleyan University to provide civil engineering services in support of three projects to replace aged steam distribution systems on the Wesleyan campus. The systems were replaced with two new steam systems and a hot water system. The three projects traversed a variety of locations including campus areas, public streets, driveways, and residential yards. Working in concert with vanZelm and Wesleyan facilities, the BSC team defined optimal routing and tie-in for each of the three projects, then prepared plans and specifications for erosion and sedimentation controls, maintenance and protection of traffic, earthwork, grading, sidewalk replacement, roadway repair, and general restoration. BSC also provided civil engineering services during the construction phase including submittal reviews, technical support, and on-site observations during construction.

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