BSC’s Quincy Square Project Featured in New York Times

As communities face tighter budgets due to the COVID-19 pandemic, public-private partnerships are emerging as a means of moving forward with infrastructure and transit oriented development projects. A New York Times article discussed this trend, featuring BSC’s work on the Quincy Square project as a model for private investment in municipal growth.

The Quincy Square project is a public-private collaboration that transformed an old parking lot into a new civic plaza. Surrounded by mixed-use space that includes restaurants, offices, and residences, the plaza creates important connections to the downtown area.

BSC’s role in the project included both planning and design for the modern park. The design pays tribute to the historic City of Presidents by using a palette of materials that reflect other City landmarks, but with modified texture and style to reflect a more updated aesthetic. The plaza, which has immediately hosted outdoor dining in response to the pandemic, is envisioned as a civic gathering space that will attract food trucks, farmers markets, and public events.