Partnering with Eversource to Reduce Carbon Emissions

Electric vehicles have emerged as a popular and effective way to reduce the use of fossil fuels and associated greenhouse gases. In fact, sales of electric vehicles (EVs) in the United States increased by 79% in 2018 and are predicted to make additional gains in 2019. Naturally, this has generated a growing demand for EV charging stations. Eversource Energy has responded to this need by launching an initiative to increase the availability of electric vehicle charging stations in New England by fully funding the infrastructure costs associated with the installation of car charging stations in approved locations.

BSC Group is excited to partner with Eversource on this important program, providing ecological support for the siting and permitting of proposed EV charging stations.

The EV charging station installations are just one example of how the energy industry is working to remain at the forefront of sustainability, preserving natural resources, and promoting innovative technologies.  Through another proactive approach to climate resiliency, Eversource has established a storm hardening program that helps to promote reliability in areas subject to extreme weather events. BSC is also supporting Eversource with this program by developing plans that protect transmission infrastructure while maintaining habitat and preserving natural resources.