Eversource Energy Locations throughout MA and CT

Transmission Storm Hardening Program

Under a contract with Eversource Energy, BSC is identifying and mapping environmental constraints, determining suitable structure access, evaluating permitting requirements, preparing and filing any required permit applications, and overseeing construction in sensitive areas. Collectively, siting and permitting projects have involved wetland delineation and GPS survey for over 100 miles of ROW, GIS mapping of wetlands and environmental constraints, and permit plans for state and federal wetland permits. For the field investigation portions of these projects, BSC is responsible for preliminary wetland assessments, wetland classification, wetland date sheets, USACE functions and values assessments, rare species assessments, vernal pool investigations, and wetland invasive species assessments.

Specifically, BSC is leading the environmental services portion of Eversource Energy’s storm hardening project, to address the failure and reliability of transmission structures. The portion of the project located in Middlefield, CT, was located in endangered species habitat according to the CTDEEP Natural Diversity Database. BSC made recommendations as to how to mitigate habitat loss and mortality of the state listed species. Recommendations included a pre-construction presentation on the biology of the species, protocol for a chance encounter during construction, and restoring the project area to original conditions post-construction. The majority of these projects require wetland restoration for temporary impacts associated with swamp mat Best Management Practices.

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